We’re committed to developing a long term relationship with you – even if we are not successful in “placing” you this time we will keep working until we do.

Your career is important to us – and we never forget that. We will only propose to you opportunities which we believe are right and meet your personal objectives. And – if you’re not so keen, tell us and we will look for another possibility. We do not want to waste our client's time – so honesty is essential.

On contacting HSI – you will be allocated a main contact who is your mentor, counsellor, confidant and friend. We hope that you will share all career possibilities with your HSI team member – we’re here to support you! We’ll listen to you and gain as comprehensive an understanding as possible of what you want, your career background, your strengths and weaknesses and unique skills. We’ll also talk about you as a person, what’s important for you to be happy – and what the next career move will be in terms of position, package, destination and the timetable involved.

You’ll find that we will be truly honest and direct in our responses. We may also make suggestions as to what you might need to do to achieve your goals in terms of further training and education. Remember, your success is our success and it is important that there is a well-developed feeling of trust and mutual support.

Whilst HSI will make its own resume from the papers you give us, we will also help you with your own resume which you will be using in your own job hunting activities. This assistance is given without charge.  Your papers will only be forwarded to clients after we have discussed the position with you – and how it fits into your career development plans.

Once you have given us the OK to proceed, then we will represent you in the best way we can. No company will know about you until you say so, and of course you have our 100% guarantee that anything said in confidence remains so.

Prior to your first interview, we will brief you to the fullest extent possible regarding the position, the role, the challenges, the company itself and the person you will meet – as well as any interview “Hot Spots” to watch out for.

At all times during the recruitment process we will maintain contact with you – helping you iron out  possible concerns or worries that you may have. We’ll ensure that you know what the client thinks of you and vice versa – in short you will know where you stand all the time.

At the time of offer, we will help you make the right decision – right for you not us! And if required, we’ll help you negotiate any changes to the offer and counsel on any concerns you may have. We’ll support you all the way.

And when it comes to the Day of Resignation from your existing job, we’ll be right behind you providing whatever support we can especially if someone makes you a counter offer. We’ll remain in close contact right up until you start with your new employers.

Once you are on board with your new people – you’ll hear from us frequently during your first three months. During the first month we’ll speak at least twice, and then we’ll slowly withdraw – unless you need us for something. We’ll be with you all the way - Helping, Guiding, Supporting, Counseling and Mentoring We know it’s a stressful period starting in a new job and we want you to know that we’ll be there if you need us.

Remember, we want to develop a long term relationship with you.. Please keep us updated on your career moves, that way we can build a partnership. A partnership that is based on Honesty, Ethics, Openness and Professionalism. Indeed we hope you’ll find the way you’ve been helped and supported you in your career hunt, will make you want to use us when you’re needing to recruit.


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